I have been swamped the past few days. Goodness, did I take my sis for granted?! I have been running to the computer every chance I get…while the kids are eating their breakfast, while they are eating their lunch, during nap time, when I find them playing by themselves “nicely”.

It’s so great to see that people are interested in buying handmade this year. Was it always like this? I wouldn’t know…my sis and I only discovered Etsy earlier this year. Regardless, it’s great. I am actually giving lots of dolls as presents this year as well 🙂

So it took 3 days but my tree is done. AND it’s not b/c I’m anal. It just took that long with everything going on in my life 🙂




And after…

Our lil felt ornaments were handmade by my husband’s aunt. You cannot believe the amount of ornaments she made! We got a 6-7 foot tree and I still have a container of ornaments left!



So there you have it…my “felt” Nordmann Christmas tree!

I’ve posted a ton of girls including paperweights with decals in the shop. I have alot more so stay on your toes!

big sis