I’m done posting the girls in the shop!!! Hurray! The thing about posting…it’s time consuming! especially for someone who has no time to spare! I believe the last day to ship packages for arrival by Christmas is Dec. 15th. I’m making a run to the post office just to be sure so I will let you know tomorrow.

Way back, JustJenn posted about her Hello Kitty Toaster. I would link you to it but I have no idea where/when I read about it. Anyways, it’s on sale this week at Target!!!



I was thrilled when I saw their Sunday advertisement. I had been eyeing it since I saw what cute toast it makes but never got around to ordering it online. It is on sale for $15! Now, I can’t guarantee your toast will look like the one pictured as I have not tested it out yet but I COULD NOT resist. It’s a great find and I thought I’d share it with the rest of you 🙂

big sis