First, the post office stated that to ensure Christmas delivery (in the US), packages must be shipped by 12-16-08 via priority. BUT even then, they stated that there is NO guarantee. Sorry, folks. That’s the best answer I could get from them. Bit too late for international shipping.

The kids and I spent the morning at Knott’s! 2nd happiest place for us b/c it is SO very close to our house, I didn’t have to pay for parking (we only stay 2-3 hours), and there are SO many vehicle rides for my son! Some we were unable to ride without another adult but they didn’t mind so much. My son and daughter are getting so big now 😦 They were able to ride some rides alone and loved it! It sprinkled on us a lil bit and normally I would be running towards the exit but they were having so much fun and I came prepared with extra clothes and their knitted hats!

I have decided that that I will not be taking any custom orders until after the holidays. And b/c I completely feel bad about this, I WILL swap out ID cards and personalize them for you AND/OR take off buttons on the book bag and monogram them free of charge! It’s not much, I know but I have been sewing non-stop since gosh…I think, mid-Oct and I really am enjoying the break. Plus, I have a list of things I need to do for my own family. I finally got around to hemming my husband’s pants last night. Now, they were only sweat pants but STILL! I have to give myself a pat on the back. I was nervous about doing it since it was my first attempt but I must say, I did a pretty good job! I made my husband wear them around the house last night so that I could admire my work 🙂

My next project…Christmas tree softies! Since I’m so late in the game, I may just leave them up until the end of Jan!

big sis