So our mommy and me class wrapped up today. It was “organized CHAOS”! Whew! We started the morning with Santa. You should have seen some of the kids…they were SO. VERY. SCARED! One boy latched onto his mom…have you ever seen the way baby monkeys latch on to their moms…just like that! Even after Santa left, he refused to turn around…poor kid. My kids, on the other hand, have been forced πŸ™‚ to take pictures with Santa (at the mall) every year so I think I managed to desensitize them.

My kids are relatively shy AND STUBBORN. After 4 months of class, they still refuse to actively participate in circle time, which includes dancing and singing. Of course, they know all the songs and moves and practice when they get home but ask them to do it during circle time…oh no! they become statues! Well, today was my daughter’s day to count how many kids were in class. Normally, the parent directs his/her child and takes them around the circle but my daughter said to the teacher that she would do it alone. OMG! SHE DID IT! Did not need my help once! and managed to count each child! I WAS SUCH A PROUD MAMA! Just goes to show…each child is SO different and I should just take a chill pill when they refuse to dance and sing on cue πŸ™‚

I have been using all their naps and free time to wrap, wrap, AND WRAP! I have tons of cousins which means there are tons of kids! I finally finished my soft Christmas trees and cannot wait to show you. I made another batch for someone very special and since she has not received them yet, you’ll have to wait another day or 2 before I can show you the finished product.

Other than that, we are enjoying the cold and rain here. It has been suprisingly cold and for all you non-So-Cal people, 50 degrees is VERY cold for us!

big sis