The last thing on my sis’ mind is getting the house all festive for Christmas so I thought it would be nice to make her something Christmas-y. And since I’ve been dying to make these (pattern from Stephanie at little birds), I thought I would make my sis a batch. AND I can finally talk about it since she FINALLY received them! Yes, she only lives 10 minutes away but it has not been as easy as I thought it would be to go visit…well, with the shop, kids, illnesses, shopping, picture taking, etc.


They were easy to make and easy to adjust. I personally like the tall skinny one…you know how I feel about wide Christmas trees 🙂

Tonight I get to have a girl’s night out with my high school friends!!! actually we went to junior high (aka middle school) together as well. These are times I treasure since I have very few of them. The 2 girlfriends that I will be enjoying yummy food with are both lawyers and live very far away. I’m exaggerating a bit but 1 to 1.5 hours away IS very far away for me. Remember, time is of the essence (can I use that here?). I am so terrible with idioms/sayings/whatever you call these…

Enjoy your Friday evening…I sure will!

big sis