Every time I sit down to the computer, I seriously want to throw it across the room!!! Remember back in the days…the dial-up days, the days when cell phones were as big as cordless phones…how did we survive? My computer has been acting up for the past 2 weeks and since my husband has been in and out of town and getting ready for his lil vaca from the office, he just has not had the time to try and fix it. So I’m going CRAZY waiting for e-mails to be sent, things to be uploaded…can you tell I have no patience? Seriously, how did we survive back in the days? Guess we just didn’t know any better. Although it has not kept me away from my computer, it has deterred me from writing here and responding to e-mails. So if I owe you a response, please be understanding 🙂

Anyhow, presents have been wrapped and “shoved” under the tree, one holiday party down and two to go, and all handmade gifts have been made…oh…with the exception of one scarf I must knit before the 25th (must remember!). We will be taking a short trip the day after Christmas. Yes, I know…remember I vowed never to go away…I lied. My husband’s grandmother is flying in from Hawaii and so I gave in…we will be spending a few days in Vegas, baby, VEGAS! Can’t say that I’m excited really but I haven’t been in years! I think my husband and I are looking at it as another trial run to see where we need to adjust to make travelling with twins a bit easier. We’ve already strategized so we will see if it pays off.

It will be Lila’s first Christmas and my kids’ 3rd. They are super excited and have been VERY GOOD, suprisingly good, about not asking to open up gifts. Around this time last year, they probably had opened up a handful. I feel we are slowly being eaten up by toys. There are toys everywhere in my house…even when I hide them, they come and find me! I have been very good about giving toys away and storing some for Lila but it seems like the bigger my kids get, the bigger the toys get too. MUST DO A BETTER JOB OF HIDING THEM!

big sis