So my kids’ new bedroom furniture was delivered this morning. I spent all morning moving toys back and forth, shoving things in the corner, transferring clothes from one room to another and by noon, the rooms were done! What a relief! So I prepared myself for the worst…afterall, my twins have not shared a sleeping space since they were 2 months old. I decided to lay on the floor between the two beds to minimize the jumping, the chit chatting, basically the noise, and guess what?! THEY FELL ASLEEP IN 30 MINUTES!!! I actually fell asleep before them 🙂 Again…what a relief! I think we could be ready for our trip to Vegas, baby VEGAS! I know, it’s so annoying…where is that saying from…a commercial, a movie…ah yes, the Swingers, one of my husband’s favorite movies. Of course, this line is one he often uses amongst his friends and to me so it has naturally stuck with me.

I am still getting boxes delivered, which I absolutely love! Granted, they are not for me but STILL. It is a nice feeling to get things that you only saw online and be pleased with the purchase. But what I love the most…getting SURPRISE packages…like this one from justJenn.


Look what she sent my kids! It was completely a surprise and SO. VERY. THOUGHTFUL. Always great to have your very own personalized stationary! Thanks, Jenn!!!

Back to knitting. Will I be able to complete that scarf? Why is it taking me so long??? Oh…that’s right…I have kids 🙂 Everything seems to take twice, three times as long when you have kids, doesn’t it? Another reminder for next year…factor lack of time into EVERYTHING!

big sis