Why the 1/2? b/c I’m counting their naps! So it took a lil bit longer last night for my daughter to fall asleep, which I expected. Afterall, she was moving in to her brother’s room but after almost 1.5 hours, she finally fell asleep. I adjusted by moving up their nap time today and they fell asleep in 15 minutes. I am such a BIG believer in sleep training, esp with twins. So I guess today marks the end of sleep training 🙂 Gosh…my kids are sure growing up. sigh.

I stayed up late last night to finish up the scarf. Well, I just need to add the fringe and I’m done. I “borrowed” the yarn from my sis and didn’t take into account that I might not have enough so sure enough…I didn’t. No prob…add a fringe!

The weather has been terribly cold here. I know, when it’s hot here, it’s “too hot” and when the weather changes it’s “too cold”. That’s LAers for you! It has been so cold that I find frost (aka snow to my kids) early in the morning.


on the grass…


on top of the car…

Don’t know if we get this every year or if it’s especially cold this year. But it definitely does make it feel like winter!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their families! and eating lots of yummy food! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Just an FYI…the shop will be closed from the 25th to the 29th. Why? VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS!

big sis