So after our disappointing trip awhile back, we gave it another go. And can you believe it??? We ALL had fun! including my husband! AND we didn’t even gamble once! Who goes to Vegas and doesn’t gamble once? US, that’s who! So EVERYTHING went according to plan. I mean EVERYTHING! Who has that kind of a vacation? US, that’s who! I’m trying to hide my excitement…think about all the possibilities? there is nothing holding us back! All right, enough. It was just a huge milestone for us. I really honestly believed that we would not be taking another vaca until the kids were like 4! So what do you do in Vegas with kids? We visited the Shark Reef Aquarium.


For $17, not worth it. But if you buy the package which includes the buffet, definitely worth it 🙂

Of course, you have to visit Circus Circus, which is a total rip off but you got to do it! And we attempted to do another buffet at Bellagio, but can you believe, the wait was 1.5 hours! Why, oh, why?


But we did manage to check out their GINORMOUS decorations.


These snowmen were beautiful…made out of carnations!

So basically, we ate and ate. But what else do you do on vaca? Did I already tell you this…my kids are growing up way too fast.

So now the “clean-fest” begins. 6 loads of laudry done, 2 more to go, holiday decorations will be coming down this week, start decorating their “new” bedroom and play room, and mentally prepare myself for 2009. It feels so strange that it’s soooo around the corner. I’m not one to make resolutions b/c why would you want to disappoint, discourage, not check it off of your checklist, etc. You’re talking about a whole entire year…alot can happen in a year. I just like to enter the new year feeling happy about my life, making those around me happy, and hoping for a great year.

Update on lil sis: she and her family are doing well. Lila’s face changes day by day! Her in-laws have been visiting from Chicago for the last 2 weeks and will be leaving some time in January. So needless to say, they have not had much time to enjoy their new home as a family of 3.

My husband will be “reconfiguring” our computer in the next 2 days. Hooray! I started this post last night but after about an hour of not being to download pictures, I gave up. ugh.

Anyways, have a wonderful New Year’s!!! I’ll see you in 2009!!!

big sis