After I did this…


and my husband and I had a good laugh over it, I instructed the kids to NOT come out of their rooms until they saw light coming from their window. I thought this would be buy me some time since we have a makeshift-blackout-curtain-contraption blocking out the light. I was able to sleep 45 minutes longer but I don’t know what’s better.

Before, they would get up, turn on the lights by stepping on their step stools and play by themselves for about 30 minutes before charging into our room. Today, they immediately came into our room to tell my husband (who was up and getting ready for work) to lift up the drapes in the living room. My daughter with excitement simply stated “See, daddy, the sun come up, we come out”. Then they came back into our room, sat themselves on the bed (while I tried so desperately to fall back asleep) and repeatedly told me that they followed directions and wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese 😛

Cute but not. I concede. 6:45 am not too bad. ugh. MUST MOVE UP MY BEDTIME!!! and MUST START TAKING NAPS AGAIN!!!

big sis