well…I actually just talked to my husband about the shop and where to go from here. My husband thinks that I’m making it a bigger deal than what it really is and I must admit, I agree with him. So bottom line…the shop will stay open, I will list the custom tags when I am ready to get back into sewing, and life will go on as is. My feeling that I’m not giving my all…well, again I must come to terms with my limitations and accept the fact that this is all I can give to lil sprinkles at the moment, which makes me a bit sad but what is a gal to do?

I’m sure some of my “emotions” are coming from the lack of uninterrupted sleep. My plan with the kids did NOT work so I went back to the drawing board. I set my alarm clock at 5 am this morning and crawled into bed with my son…he seems to be the instigator so I figured if I worked on him, then all would go well. It did. So looks like I’ll have to continue doing this until he can stay asleep until his “normal” waking time. I wouldn’t mind if they got up early, i.e., super early, if that was the norm and they were still able to function at our mommy-and-me class but you should see them! They are like zombies. My son can’t stop from yawning and my daughter…ugh…and me…ugh! Not a happy family at the moment!

Anyways, lil sis and I (with our children, of course) met up at an outdoor mall today.  It was Lila’s first outing (with the exception of going to the pediatrician). The weather was a bit on the chilly side but Lila did great! She let her mommy shop a lil bit and eat lunch. What more can you ask for!

Can’t wait for the weekend…when I get some relief from my husband.

big sis