I had to quickly get off the phone with my sis, so I can write an update while Lila is still sleeping.  Who knew motherhood was so tiring but so unbelievably wonderful!?  I’ve been getting at least 6 sporadic hours of sleep at night, and sometimes a nap during the day.

My in laws are still staying with us, but they leave this week.  So bittersweet.  I had some great home cooked meals the past month, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to eat a meal when they’re gone.  What to do?  I gotta run to Trader Joes and get some frozen foods in case!

I think my sis mentioned that we went to an outdoor mall the other day (us, the twins, and Lila), and I feel like I conquered the world!  I fed her before I left, she fell asleep in the car, we quickly shopped at Anthro and both bought some stuff, nursed her outdoors (thought it was impossible to do with the outfit I wore), ate Pasta Bravo, and drove home with Lila still asleep in the car.  Those backseat kid mirrors are awesome!  I literally looked through the rearview mirror to check on her every second.

Did I also mention I took the carpool lane just because I could?????  It was awesome knowing Lila counts as my +1 in the car.  Yay!

-lil sis