in regards to crafts!

It feels so nice to be scrapbooking again. I started when I first got engaged but was exposed to it much earlier. My college roommate was a big time scrapbooker and she tried and tried to get me into it. I was so resistant until I got engaged…and then like with everything…I got into it full force and even became a consultant while working full time! Of course, I got my sis into it and although she has ALL the tools and “accessories”, she has yet to complete one album!!!

So I tidied up our office and got all of my scrapbooking material out and can you believe it, it took me one evening to sort, organize, and get it all together.


Yes, b/c I have no designated craft area, I take EVERYTHING out nightly and then put EVERYTHING away nightly. It’s a 30 min process and I wish I could more efficient but the kids’ play room is more important then me having a craft room, I tell myself every night 🙂 This is not EVERYTHING either…I have 2 bins PLUS 2 bags PLUS a shelf…you see why I need my own craft room?!

Although I consider it to my first love in regards to crafting, more recently, it has been such a burden! I’m not as behind as I thought. I’m almost done with their 8th month. Hooray! If you don’t know what I’m talking about…my twins’ albums. And to be fair, I decided early on that I would always make an album for each of them. Which means I will ALWAYS be working on 2 albums simultaneously! ugh…forget about my album 😦



I decided that I’m going to work in batches. I’ll do 2 months at a time and then switch gears. which means…almost time to bring my sewing machine out! Great way to not get burnt out. Anyways, I’m going to be doing something BIG some time in the next couple of weeks. I mean BIG! Never did it before and I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again BIG! ’till then, you’ll just have to read my boring posts 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll be worth the wait! Oh goodness, did I set myself up or what?!

big sis