I know it might be a bit too busy for a lil girl (doll) to wear but think how cute it would be as a trim or a belt or a scarf (for a lil doll, of course). So cute and worth every dollar! I have only purchased from a few shops that sell Japanese imported cotton but Superbuzzy is my favorite! They are super fast with shipping and they will waive the s/h fee if you pick it up.

I have this prob…this thing…I can’t seem to cut into my new fabrics until my old stash dwindles down. Why is that? I started cutting some outfits but can you believe…I dare not touch the new ones! Who knows why!

I’m almost done with the month of February (this is what I’m referring to).


As you can see, I’m a pretty “traditional” scrapbooker…the minimalist scrapbooker (if there is such a thing).  I’m not one to crowd my pages with full sheets of paper (I have a thing about that), I don’t like to get all frou frou, I don’t add brads, buttons, ribbons, I don’t add stickers galore. I just keep it simple and I love to journal. Remember…I have a horrible memory so if I don’t write everything down, I will forget. B/c of this fact, I kept a journal, a very simplified one, of my twins’ first year. Well, let’s not call it a journal; don’t want to mislead you into thinking I had all this time to sit down at the end of my crazy day and write down all my thoughts and make a timeline of my twins’ milestones. It was more scribble srabble on a calendar but I knew it would eventually be journaled on calendar pages for their scrapbook. I would link you to it but Creative Memories has discontinued their calendar pages and instead replaced it with these. Not crazy about these but it serves the purpose, I guess. It is a great way to remember all those itty bitty things about your baby that you would have otherwise forgotten. So, lil sis, I hope you are jotting down notes somewhere.

big sis