I weaned my son from his paci when he was about 8 months old. It was then and only then that he fell in love with his “B”…his blankie. Btw, my daughter shares this love! Anyways, we have 2 blankets each for them; when one blanket needs to be washed, there are only minor meltdowns. Yes, they would prefer to always have 2 in their sight!

Well, I was horrified when I saw that one of my son’s blanket had a tiny hole…in his favorite B, of course. Stupid me showed him this hole and he just COULD NOT stop putting his itty bitty finger in the hole and making it bigger. He would just crack up! I feared his wrath so had to come up with a quick fix!





I cut out 2 patches, one for each side. Worked like a charm. Think his B will last him another 10 years or so 🙂

big sis