We had a busy week last week. We started another one of our mommy-and-me classes at the library, had a playdate, and visited two museums! One was a field trip to the La Habra Children’s Museum. My husband and I took the kids once before they were 2 and going this time around (almost 3) made such a big difference! They had loads of fun and it was great to see how much they’ve grown and the differences in their play.

Husband and I also managed to take them to the Noah’s Ark exhibit at Skirball. Can i just say OMG! It was AMAZING! Every nook and cranny had something to explore, touch, climb, pull. My kids LOVED it! It was worth the hour drive.



Made out of recycled materials…fly swatters, purse, combs.




Very interactive. They had this tunnel thingy…you know like the ones at Chuck E Cheese…where you can climb and go through “hoops” (like dogs or hamsters!) Anyways, my son had no problems climbing up to get to this “tunnel” but REFUSED to walk across b/c of this elephant’s head! Guess who had to crouch down, squeeze through (if you look closely, there is a ring that you have to climb over/through every few feet…made for kids), get on her hands and knees just so her lil guy could go and see what was on the other side. What a mother won’t do! Speaking of what a mother won’t do…there was this lady who was dressed in tights (not leggings!) with a flowy mini skirt on climbing through this tunnel too! I dared not look!

By the way, if you do plan on going, be the first ones there! I have another thing…another problem. I HAVE to be the first one EVERYWHERE! Like for dr’s appts…I always ask for the first appt. Pediatrician appt…first one. Trader Joe’s…when it opens. Mall…when it opens. It just makes life that much easier when you don’t have to deal with crowds, wouldn’t you agree? I wasn’t like this before my twins so maybe it’s a mom thing that I’ve aquired along the way. Anyways, it was so nice b/c there were only a few of us there at 10 but by 11:30 it was CRAZY!

I’ve been working on a few dolls which I’m hoping to have in the shop later this week. It feels good to be sewing again! I’m hoping to have our custom doll listings up some time soon as well. I have tons of projects in store…which will be added to my rotation (scrapbooking, dolls, misc projects).

Scrapbooking? all put away for now. I’m on March (twins were born in May) so you know what that means…I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THEIR FIRST YEAR!!! I’m thinking of having a lil party for myself when I’m finished 🙂 hey, maybe like an exhibit…I know, stupid…getting carried away. But it will be such a BIG accomplishment for me! By the time I’m done, each child will have 45 pages…that means 90 SIDES of pictures, journaling, stickers, paper. Do the math, folks…that’s alot of scrapbooking!

I’m off to pay bills and squeeze in a nap. Oh…just a lil update on their “sleep training”. They now stay in their rooms until I get them!!! Hooray! It took a bit of scolding but it works SO MUCH BETTER this way. My daughter wakes up at 7:30 am and my son “pretends” to be sleeping when I open the door at 7:15. Too cute! Why? I have no idea. No zombies at school + fewer meltdowns = a very happy mommy!

big sis