Since our trip to Vegas, we have been contemplating on where to go next. Well, no brainer, since we pre-purchased our tickets to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World when we went last year. And since we never made it to the zoo, we are taking a mini weekend trip to SD. I have been so busy living life that I haven’t really prepared much for the trip. I can’t always be on top of it! So looks like we are wingin’ it this time.

The month off from sewing may have screwed me up a bit. ugh. I was hoping to have some new girls in the shop but my sewing seems to be a bit off. UGH! How I hate wasting time! So looks like they’ll have to wait until I return.

I’ll leave you with this picture…


Like mother, like daughter! She just insisted on wearing a pair of my socks when she saw mine.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope to have lots of beautiful pictures to show you since we are expecting beautiful weather! Got to love LA…er…San Diego.

big sis