Remember the post about San Diego vs. LA Zoo? Well, I must say…San Diego hands down. There’s just something about the SD Zoo…perhaps it was the weather or the vastness of the zoo or how close we were able to get to the animals or all the greenery. The zoo was the main reason we went back to SD.


Whenever my daugther sees a baby version of things, she is always asking the whereabouts of the mommy and daddy. You can imagine her joy when she saw the baby koala with her mommy…or at least that’s what she thought; it could have been the daddy, I suppose 🙂


The pandas were all pooped! We were told in very quiet voices that they did not move about until noon, their lunch time. Quiet voices…not sure why. I can only assume that they do not want to be disturbed. What a great life!


There was a whole wall that was painted with pandas, bamboos, dragons. It was so beautiful! It was our only family picture of the day and the picture turned out VERY dark. My husband says it’s my fault for asking the person that I did…who knew I had to screen picture takers? I suppose we could have gone back and waited around to find that perfect picture taker but you know with kids…you really only get one chance…maybe if you push it, 2.

And my husband who is deathly afraid of heights managed to muster up enough courage to ride one of these…


Everyone says that you MUST take the bus tour. We opted not to and managed to see 90% of the zoo in 2 hours. Granted, we skipped some “common” ones…like the monkeys, the birds (I can do without), pigs. My husband and I are not ones to dilly dally and we hustled when we needed to. The only bad thing about not taking the bus are those darn hills! At one point, I pushed the double stroller (2 toddlers + weight of stroller + all of our junk = almost 100 lbs!) while my husband pushed me from behind. I’m sure we were a lovely sight to see!

So that was our vaca in a nutshell!

That big thing I talked about here. Well, not so big when I think about it and am a little embarrassed that I made such a big deal about it. You see…I get quite excited over very small things. I’ll let you know what it is on Monday.

big sis