As mentioned before, I’m starting some new projects…wait, did I mention it before? maybe I never did…anyhow, I am going to incorporate some new items primarily for fairs. This was always in the works but we just did not seem to have the time. But now that the shop is stocked, I can focus on other things.

I spent almost 3 hours last night, partially due to American Idol (darn AI!!! why, oh, why did I EVER start watching it!!! WHY!) and part of this morning trying to figure out my zipper foot and tension! AAAHHH!!! I watched my instructional DVD twice (just in case I missed something), read the manual repeatedly, searched the internet, and finally called their support line. What am I doing wrong? No worries, I will not give up. I am more determined to figure it out! even if that means I take it somewhere or pay someone to teach me. Oh, the frustration!

But if you have a Brother’s and want to help me out, I would be SO grateful!!!

  • I’ve attached the foot on correctly
  • I’ve adjusted the tension forward and backwards
  • I re-did the upper thread and lower thread
  • I’ve changed the length and width of the stitch
  • I HAVE NOT changed my needle but I don’t think that this would make a difference especially since I’m practicing on muslin

What did I miss?

Desperately needing help…big sis