My sewing machine went complete haywire after the whole zipper foot incident. The tension never came back and after several attempts at EVERYTHING I called up Joann’s to ask for assistance. NEVER NEVER NEVER go to Joann’s unless you want to hear the sales pitch of your life! Oh, I get so mad thinking about it!

Background: alot of Joann’s have a “sewing machine area”. This area is leased to a company called All Brand, and basically they sell ALL BRANDS of sewing machines. I did not know any of this prior to my BIG mistake of taking my machine to Joann’s.

Anyways, so this lady is super sweet to me on the phone and says that she will take a look at it and then tell me what my options are. Well, b/c my kids are sick and it’s been rainy and wet here, I dropped the kids off at my mother-in-law’s and make a trip to Joann’s. I get there and she WOULDN’T even touch my machine as if it was plagued!!! I asked if she could just check the tension to see if it was me or the machine and she REFUSED! OMG! I wanted to yell, ask her if she knew what it was like to have twin toddlers who were sick, to be sick as well, drive all around the city to get this darn machine fixed, and then be suckered into coming into Joann’s for absolutely NOTHING!!!

Make a long story short…she tried to sell me a $1700 Viking sewing machine! Told me that the repair of my machine would cost me $90 and then it would probably break again. And then told me to beat it! I’m kidding about the last part but really in essence, that’s what she was saying if I wasn’t going to buy her $1700 Viking machine!

Where do these shady people come from? How can they live with themselves? So I feel a duty to tell you all…yes, it could have just been my Joann’s or this particular lady…but why risk it…unless you really have NO choice. But I did get a bit of educating so not a complete waste of time. Every cloud has a silver lining, right? The reason she thinks that a “Brother’s” sewing machine will repeatedly break down once something goes wrong is b/c with electronic machines these days (minus Viking’s, so she says), the sensor just can’t seem to adjust when you change something up on the machine. Kinda makes sense…thus no problems until the whole zipper foot incident! It could have all been BS she was feeding me but at the time it made sense šŸ™‚

So what did I end up doing with my Brother’s sewing machine, you ask? You gotta love Costco…I RETURNED IT!!! No q’s asked, no hassle, got all my money back, and just ordered a Singer’s from COSTCO. Guess that means I will be on a 10 day hiatus from sewing.

big sis