So this was the BIG thing or maybe not so big thing 🙂 that I had mentioned before. We thought about waiting until our year anniversary…too cliche, huh? so we decided to just be random! Here she is!


She was meant to be for our shop update but after I was done with her, I noticed a small pinkish “smear” on her back and a tiny black spot on her arm. Remember, I work in the evenings so the lighting isn’t always that great. She was just too cute to throw away so…I’m hoping that her small blemish won’t deter you from loving her any less 🙂

So here’s what you gotta do…DELURK! tell us who you are, what brings you to our lil blog, what dollie in our shop is your favorite (even if she was sold), any suggestions/ideas for future dolls, who you would give this lil paperweight to if it’s not for yourself 🙂

Think about it…your chances are REALLY good. Afterall, let me do the math…1 divided by 5 = 20% chance of winning!!! It doesn’t get any better than that! We’ll be using the random number generator to pick a winner on Friday…ooh, Friday, the 13th! Good luck!

big sis (and lil sis)