You know I’ve been dying to say that!


The winner of this cutie is ESTHER. Congrats! Please e-mail us your addy!

Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving us a comment. It meant so much to my sis and I. And just to let you know how appreciative we are…we will give you 25% off a doll that is currently listed in our shop (just in case there is a doll you’ve been eyeing). If you decide to make a purchase (please don’t feel obligated), go to our shop, purchase as you normally would and include your email address that you used to make a comment, and we will send you a revised invoice.

Thanks again! We have some other dollies that never made it to the shop so if you are interested in participating in another giveaway, check back again in a month or so.

big sis (and lil sis)