I’ve been emotionally preparing myself for potty training my twins for about a month. Afterall, they say it generally happens when the mommy (or the trainer) is committed to the process. So we began a week ago. How? How do you train 2 toddlers simultaneously? Well, nothing is ever simultaneous with my twins so it worked out for me.

My son was very eager especially since his reward was watching Cars (Disney movie). He LOVES it…I mean LOVES it. He can talk about all the cars, watch the DVD over and over again, play with them morning, noon, and night! Too bad I only allow him to watch 10 min of it! So strange how my daughter is SO very resistant to it considering she does not like being dirty/sticky/stained. Don’t they say that girls tend to do things quicker? Not my daughter…she is super content in diapers and will let you know it too! But don’t think I didn’t try. sigh…

Anyways, looks like my son will be potty trained before her. This was the big milestone I was dreading. I still very much dislike doing it. With everything I have to do, potty training is just another thing I have to be on my toes for. Even with him, it seems as though it will take some time. If only I had done more research on Elimination Communication when they were younger. I know it’s a bit controversial and I don’t think I would have been able to do it with two, but it’s definitely good info to have. For all you moms who nursed, can you imagine your baby having a bowel movement somewhere other than in a diaper…esp the explosive ones (sorry, TMI). Yikes!

I am excited to finally “meet” my new sewing machine 🙂 It’s scheduled to arrive this Monday. And I have some projects already lined up! Of course, the first test I will run is the “zipper foot” test. Oh, I hope she passes!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s and you were able to share the day with your loved ones!


big sis