I knew she was coming yesterday but b/c of the rain and us being out and about, I was so worried that she would get all soaked and ruined. Well, the UPS man was so very kind to have wrapped up the box in 2 plastic bags and thankfully, my sewing machine arrived safely. I IMMEDIATELY got to work. You know I could not wait. Plus, it was perfect timing. My kids were napping and husband was at the gym.

Now, if only there was a way to “customize” my machine. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beauty (just my over-excitement talking) but she is LOUD! and there are a couple of other features that my Brother’s had that she doesn’t. Even my husband (who knows nothing about sewing machines) said that it “looked” better, sturdier??? We shall see. For now, I’m optimistic that she will become my BFF, my partner in crime, my late night friend…you see how I get so giddy over the silliest things. That’s my life!


Can you tell what I’ve been up to? Hmmm…what could it be? Here’a another angle…


Can you guess what it is? I’ll let you sleep on it…

big sis