for trying to go out on a date with my husband! So the husband and I didn’t get a chance to go out for V-day due to various reasons and always talked about going to Disneyland by ourselves so we found the perfect opportunity. TODAY!

We dropped the kids off at my in-laws not telling a single soul where we were going…don’t know why. But I felt awfully guilty about it…as if I had to sneak off. My daughter who is in the stage of wanting to know EVERYTHING kept asking where we were going but I just avoided the question. What is the big deal? Am I not allowed to have some fun without the kids?!?! Sheesh!

Anyways, we get to Disneyland only to find the trams were not running. Don’t waste time…so we walk it. It’s really not that far from the parking lot to the entrance but what holds you back are ALL the other patrons who decide to walk it too! Lil background…husband lived in New York for about 8 years or so so he seems to get in that NY mindset when there are crowds or we have to hustle. So we are zooming past the crowds and then we get to security (yes, they check your bags even BEFORE you get your tickets), we stop. no movement. My husband tracks down an employee only to find that there was a “security” issue and we would have to stand around like a herd of cows hoping to get in to the happiest place on earth. We didn’t want to wait for 30 min…an hour…possibly longer (what we were told). So what do we do? Head to IKEA for our date! ugh!

Wait…there’s a silver lining! I got to shop without the kids, which meant I only had to worry about my husband telling me to hurry up. We found out later the cause of all the mayhem. There was some powdery dust found on several of the windows of the ticket booths so they shut the entrance area down until they determined what the substance was…FINE SAND!!! UGH!!!

big sis