Every 6 months I try my best to get myself all ready to go see this special someone. Even though I only see him a whole 5-10 minutes, I try to prep myself. It is all out of laziness that I slack off in this area and it’s really horrible that I do but I just can’t help it. Us moms do that alot…put ourselves last…for me, it’s out of convenience. I just don’t want one more thing to do!!! especially if it’s not enjoyable. He really is a sweet man; a quiet man, but you can tell that if he were to get angry, it would be scary. This quiet man says very few words and when he speaks, I almost feel like I’m being scolded. I can only see his eyes but they say it all. I become this lil girl who’s scared of his wrath and promises to do as he says. But deep down inside I know the truth; I will follow through for the first month and then go back to my ol’ ways because in all honesty…I HATE TO FLOSS!!!

big sis