Since my twins were born in 2006, this past Saturday was the VERY. FIRST. TIME.  I spent 9 hours alone (during the day). Yes, you heard read that correctly. The past craft fairs were long stretches but this was a milestone for our family. I prepped the kids the night before and had complete faith in my husband. Afterall, I left at the start of their nap and my husband had planned on going out to dinner with his parents so how hard could it be, right?

It was a BLAST! I spent the day with my g-friend shopping. What a nice feeling to not have kids tugging at you, asking for snacks, hiding in between racks, wanting to touch this and that, wondering if someone pooped! Funny, I thought that I would buy a TON of stuff, especially since I feel like I haven’t really “shopped” since 2005. But I purchased 3 items!!! Husband joked around but I think he was a bit fearful that I was going to go on a shopping spree of some sorts. I tried, I did. I guess things change when you have kids. It’s hard to justify buying something nice when I know I’ll barely wear it out of fear that I and/or the kids will get it dirty.

Well, the day did not end there. We went back to my g-friend’s place, chit chatted, drank wine and then met up with more friends for fondue! Oh, my fav! I have never been a fan up until recently. And really, I only go for the cheese and chocolate. Yum…

It was such a special treat for me! The hour drive home (b/c my g-friend lives SO very far away from me) was nice too! But I came home and immediately went to the kid’s room to check on them. I asked my husband about their evening and of course, if the kids had asked for me. And a lil part of me was sad that they don’t need their mommy as much as before 😦

big sis