My husband called me on the way home last night, which is very unlike him. He knows how crazy it is around the evening…the kids just seem to get a BURST of craziness…oops, I mean energy. Anyways, he sounded a little panicked which freaked me out and tells me the HORRIBLE and very sad news. He lost his wedding ring 😦

I was speechless. I think it was from not wanting to make him feel worse when you know I wanted to yell at him for being so careless. Long story…but apparently, it is nowhere to be found. And really, for us, it is not about the money but everything that the rings stands for. I’m a sentimentalist…I remember when we first got married and he accidently chipped one of our “wedding dishes”, I cried. For goodness sakes, it wasn’t even broken!

He dug in the bushes (in the dark with his flashlight) but said that the area is so big it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But the fight is not over yet…he left on a business trip today and when he returns, he is going to do some more digging on Friday. It really is so sad and the more I think about it, the sadder I get. I can really only let you all know this b/c he just feels awful about it. He doesn’t want a replacement and I don’t know if I would want to get him another one anyways and perhaps, I am making a big deal out of it…but the truth of the matter is…the wedding rings we exchanged almost 7 years ago, the one where I had engraved “all my love”, the one piece of jewelry he wears, could be lost and this makes me very sad.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

big sis

Update: Friday. He says that he searched almost every square inch and was unable to find it. However, he has poor eyesight…yes, he was wearing his contacts but I’m hoping that my 20/20 will locate that darn thing!!! I am mentally preparing for a LONG day Sunday in the bushes, covered with leaves and dirt!

Update II: Search mission on Sunday…after almost 2 hours of digging, waving the detector, being covered in cobwebs, dirt, leaves, mud, and whatever else, we called the rescue mission off. So sad but we feel like we did everything possible to look for the ring.