Lil sis and I have been CRAVING Thai food! So today was THE day. Plan? Take the kids to her place and feed the duckies, come back to my place while she watches all 3 kids and I go get the food. We were almost there…when my car decides to die on me! ugh! hate having to be SO dependent on a car! UGH! I was a bit in a panic b/c my husband is on a business trip, my sis and I are not mechanical in any way, and my twins have NEVER skipped a nap! AAA came by and changed out my battery, the culprit. Who knew that they offered this service! I knew that they could jump start it but I guess they are trying to accommodate those lazy and/or desperate ones out there…the tech also said that they will be doing oil changes too! C’mon, people!

So no Thai food…for the 2nd day in a row 😦

I finished up another custom order. This gal wanted “warm” colors thus all the brown, yellow, and orange.


Have a wonderful weekend. Lil sis and I (more her) will be busy with Lila’s “meet and greet” this Saturday. And hopefully, I won’t have to be in the “trenches” on Sunday.

big sis