The party turned out great…good weather (yay that it didn’t rain), good company, and good food.  I tried a new catering place, and the food was actually better than I expected.  I am bummed that I scratched my dining room table.  Darn that Target wire cake stand!  Oh well, my family and friends made up for it.

Some of Lila’s favorite things she received:


Who knew Anthro made baby clothes?  Love her shopping cart cover and craft apron!  SKB made the cutest painting that I’ll be hanging in her room this week.  I just love that Elmo shirt too…love Sesame Street which is weird because I don’t think I cared for them when I was a kid.

Big sis bought flowers at Farmer’s Market for me because I didn’t have time, and she ended up picking up Lilacs.  Lilacs for Lila!  🙂


I’m sad it’s all over, but there are so many things I need to do which will keep me BUSY the next few months.  I need to start sewing again with the new Japanese fabrics we purchased from Reprodepot.  I put in my photo order at Walgreens to start scrapbooking for Lila’s baby album.  BTW, there is a special at Walgreens – 50 prints for $5!  Code is March.  I also need to start planning for my friend’s baby shower!  I have to make the most of this year before I have to go back to work.  Thinking about that makes me depressed because I LOVE staying at home with my daughter.  ahh..I can go on and on about that.  Have a great day everyone.

-lil sis