Where does the time go? So back to my rotation…I struggled with how to layout March and after searching and pulling out old ideas I decided to go with this.


The bee and flowers are kinda freakish b/c they are so big! but under time constraints, I’m content.

Besides scrapbooking, I have been scheduling away. My twins will be 3 in May…I know, can you believe it? Anyways, the whole preschool thing is weighing down on me. What to do? Do I send them out in the world alone or continue being joined at the hip (2 kids = one on each hip)? I have a few visits/observations I have scheduled so that I can make a decision I won’t regret. What makes this decision so difficult? Well, if I’m not having any more kids, I really do want to make the best of my time with them while they are little. On the other hand, I would love some alone time! even if it’s just for 2-3 hours…

On a different note…perhaps this is not the proper place but since I just got back from our field trip, the feelings are a bit raw and I feel the need to vent! So the kids’ field trip was to a gymnastic center.  My twins were immediately drawn to the trampoline and from there you could jump into this HUGE bin of foam cubes. Quite exciting for the lil ones (and the big ones). Anyways, my son jumps off and before you know it, a little girl follows RIGHT after him and jumps on top of him. Of course, my maternal instinct kicks in and if he wasn’t hurt, then I would have left it alone. But he started to cry which kicked my emotions into momma bear mode. My BIGGEST pet peeve…when parents think that they can just let 2-3 year olds wander around aimlessly and not have to, at the very least, be vigilant of their whereabouts! And yes, this was probably very passive aggressive but really it was not the place for me to become confrontational…afterall, it is a mommy-and-me class. So I made a general “announcement” that parents should really stay near their kids so that their own kid or others woudn’t get hurt. Then, my mother-in-law jumps in (now, she’s the one who cried when my kids got vaccinated!) and wants to know which kid it was! What was she going to do? Anyways, the mother got the message and took her kid to another area. Did she make her daughter apologize? no…probably out of fear that I OR my mother-in-law was going to kick her you know what! 🙂 Anyways, I really am a nice person but if you harm my child, BE SCARED! BE VERY SCARED!

big sis