Lil sis and I spent our morning at Joann’s. I’m telling you…no matter how short I try to make my visit there, it ends up being AT LEAST an hour. I have to let you in on a lil secret…perhaps you may already know…but did you know that you can use Michael’s coupons there?! Was I the only one in the dark? Also, you can sign up for their newsletter online as well as their flyer in the mail and use ALL the coupons at one time! AND don’t forget about the coupons from the LA Times. Hey, why not? If you do alot of shopping there, might as well make the best use of their coupons!

So here’s a lil something I bought from their Easter section. I almost forgot about all of my Easter decorations! Please excuse the wrinkled table runner in the back. I know it’s ugly but I’d rather be on the computer than iron 🙂


What a super cute idea! This will be our 2nd year dyeing eggs (oh…the first year was SO stressful) and I thought this would be so cute as our table centerpiece. And it’s 50% off right now!

Moving on…I don’t have much of a green thumb. Like everything in my life (well, with alot), I try and do things with lots of gusto. meaning…I research, read, ask lots of q’s, etc…but when it comes to gardening, I’m not quite there yet. So when things bloom, I get super excited! mainly, because the plant didn’t die 🙂 So what I thought was an orchid is actually a cymbidium. Don’t ask b/c I have no idea of the difference between the two. But it is a beauty and I can very much appreciate it.


This plus two orchids (which are in full bloom as well) sit on my patio table and every time I look out the window, I am amazed at how they did not die and better yet, how they managed to blossom! Now, if only I can replicate whatever I did right for next year…

big sis