So I made my first “official” preschool observation this morning. I LOVE my city. I grew up here, left for a little while and being that my husband also grew up here, we knew that ultimately this is where we wanted to raise our children. But I must say the city is pretty strict. You know they have the typical…your lawn must be groomed, your paint colors must be neutral and approved, your trash bins must be out of sight, you can’t have too many cars parked in your driveway AND the cars must be in working condition…oh, is this not typical?

So one could only expect that a preschool housed on city property would also follow along these lines and have some pretty strict guidelines. which, I must admit, I don’t absolutely hate. But here’s my problem. The kids rotate between 3 centers (40 minutes each), where only one is led by a certified teacher. The rest…parents! So now why I am paying $520 (times 2 b/c I have twins)? When you really break it down, I’m paying the school for their ability to gather a large group of parents and have them take turns babysitting. Harsh? ugh…I have 3 more scheduled visits. It looks like I may turn our house into a “mini” preschool. 1 teacher (who can also serve as a therapist, PE instructor, singer, dancer, AND don’t forget crafter) + two kids = AWESOME preschool!!! Anyone want to apply?

big sis