Does anyone else love Target like me?  My obsession got worse after getting married.  When the hubs said he was going to watch football for the whole day, where did I go to kill time?  Target.  If we got into a fight, who did I turn to?  Target.  Where do I take Lila during the day to just get out of the house?  Target, of course!

My only problem is I have a bad habit of buying knick knacks.  However, I can always find a place for them in my house.  The hubs knows I have an addiction, so when I say I’m going to Target he expects me coming back with one too many bags.  Don’t worry, I can justify each expense. 🙂

My favorite purchases thus far – Target bird napkin holder $10.  Target placemats for Easter $2.99-$3.99.


How can you not leave Target without buying something for yourself?  It’s just too hard!

-lil sis