This year seems to be flying by! Oh, how I wish it would slow down a bit. This is the time where everything goes crazy…husband’s b-day, twins’ b-day, my birthday, wedding anniversary, sis b-day, brother-in-law’s b-day, their anniversay and then it’s quiet. but there goes spring and the beginning part of the summer!

I have been busy sewing my nights away and trying to play catch up with my TV shows. The house is a mess with my crafts scattered throughout. The whole moving the office around to make a craft area space is at a standstill. ugh. so really, same ol’, same ol’.

I am excited for this week. We have tons of Easter-y projects and activities planned. I have been itching to make some fabric eggs. Lil sis first brought up the idea last month…yes, Easter is a week away and I have yet to make anything. I’m usually not one to procrastinate but???

So my plan for this week…just so someone/something can keep me accountable!

  • sew up some fabric eggs!!!
  • decorate some real eggs
  • make some treats for our mommy-and-me class
  • schedule a haircut!!! ooohhh, you don’t even want to see what I have going on on the top of my head. Lil sis and I were unfortunately (others think we are fortunate, but hey, the grass is greener on the other side) born with really thick and coarse hair. My mane needs to be tamed! I can only wear my hair in a ponytail for so long.
  • make a decision on whether or not to throw a b-day party for the kids. They will be 3 next month but is it necessary to throw a party every year???
  • finish up the dollies I started last week

I would love to check off everything on this list. Hope to have some fun pictures for you this week 🙂

Hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend!

big sis