I was determined to freshen up my front yard before Easter, and I’m halfway there.  We took two trips to Armstrongs, and I found myself heading towards the Spring Sale on shrubs and flowers.  Ah…the recession.  I had an idea of what I wanted:

1.) Green bunchy looking shrubs that will grow small white flowers.

2.) Pink and white flowers for the border.

I think I somewhat met my criteria…


The shrub on the far end will grow small white flowers (yay) and will grow to be 3-4 ft tall.  The two shrubs in the center can grow up to 10 ft tall, so I gotta make sure to tame them so my place doesn’t look like a jungle.  I liked these plants because of their wispy looking leaves, and they were on SALE.  I was on a budget!  The rabbit bird bath was purchased at Ross.  I love going to Ross for seasonal items. 🙂

Only items left to complete my yard is the wooden loveseat that should be arriving any day now as well as a window box planter.  

Finished pics to come~

-lil sis