________ fill in the blank. Twins are at the stage of engaging in potty talk. So they usually like to finish the song off with “poo poo, shee shee, pee pee” or any other silly thing they can come up with. Then they laugh their heads off! Ahhh…the joys of toddlerhood!

We had our last mommy-and-me class before spring break. Don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I LOVE our mommy and me class…probably a bit more than the kids do 🙂 We do lots of fun things and great crafts to celebrate the seasons and holidays. I have wanted to plant something with the kids for awhile but…no excuses, just no motivation. So you can imagine my joy when we made these


We planted radishes and they started to sprout in a matter of a few days! Instant gratification! Perfect for toddlers (and moms)! Lil sis included these cute eggs in the twins’ Easter goodie bags. They are clay eggs with seeds inside. All you do is crack open the top and water it! Who comes up with these ideas?

After hemming and hawing, I caved and made lil treats for their classmates. I’m telling you…I am the queen of rice krispy treats! So easy for a person who does not have much time. easter-004

I did exactly what I did for the Valentine’s rice krispy treats except used a bunny cookie cutter. I used Wilton’s cookie icing, which was so easy to use. And I’m not much of a cookie decorator. I love how easy it is to please 2-3 year olds!!!

So 2 egg hunts down, 2 more to go. The next 2 are going to be quite exciting. I LOVE holidays! I’ve been working on a custom order…a lil sis with BLUE eyes. Don’t know why lil sis and I never thought about painting different color eyes on our dolls. Anyways, I loved how she turned out and will post a picture of her tomorrow. Until then…

big sis