Lil sis first told me about Retro Mama’s fabric eggs awhile ago and I thought “I don’t have time to make these!” But last minute, I decided to make some with leftover fabric. They didn’t take long at all and my kids LOVED them…even my son. They were primarily used to throw around the house but they liked them so much that they slept with a few 2 nights in a row! We included a couple in Lila’s easter basket too!


You really have to make sure that you cut perpendicular to the selvedge. I didn’t pay much attention with the first few and they lost a bit of their egg shape and ended up looking more like balls 🙂 Next year, I think I’ll shrink the pattern a bit and make some smaller ones. It was a good thing I made these b/c this egg holder DOES NOT hold real eggs. The holes are too big! Umm…maybe they should include this in their description…NOT TO BE USED WITH REAL EGGS!

Anyways, have a wonderful Easter! Happy egg hunting!!!

big sis