I am so pooped! What gives? Could it have been due to our early outing to Target to hit up the Easter sale? Easter sale..it wasn’t. To our suprise AND dismay (lil sis included), what was 4 aisles of lots of spring goodies was dwindled down to one side of an aisle! Never mind we were there when the store opened! Lesson learned. Of course, we ended up with tons of junk anyways.

So Day 1 has been perfect in every way! We rushed out the door EARLY in the morning, ran errands, played outside, had lunch with lil sis, Lila, and my mom, and now my twins are napping. Unfortunately, I have been unable to partake in a siesta myself…b/c I FINALLY finished up my dolls. Well, truth be told, I have one last step to complete but for the most part, they are completed. So you can tell how I feel when I am able to check things off my list!

Here are the girls!


Big sis Apple will be in the shop (I’m hoping) tomorrow.


And although I try not to play favorites, I can’t help myself.


I am all about embroidery right now!

I’m glad that we are done with our egg hunts. I was able to assess the damage and buy some bins at Target so I don’t go insane with all the junk toys in my house. I’m trying to not be so anal but when I trip over toys, step on them, can’t find a space to sit down, or I see clusters of toys everywhere, I just want to SCREAM! You think my kids would play in their play room???!!!

More pictures of the girls to come. Hope you had a happy Easter. Let the craziness begin!

big sis