I stopped watching tv while I’m with Lila because I noticed she was becoming a tv junkie at the age of two months.  Let me tell you, my TIVO is so full!!!  I haven’t been able to catch up on my shows.  The only show I’ll stay up to watch is American Idol.  Btw, what was up with the new judging format?  I hated hearing just two judges comment per contestant…I want to hear what Simon says everytime! 

Anyhow, I snuck in some Regis & Kelly this morning and heard them talking about Gmail’s panic button.  Where was this five years ago?  Basically Gmail has this “Undo” button you can click after you have sent your email, and it will stop it from sending.  Catch is you have within 5 seconds to click that button.  Short delay but worth it for that one email that you would later regret sending.  I’ve had many emails go out under my name that I wish never got sent out – many misspelled words, wrong name chosen under my address list, pissed off emails…etc.  Now what I really would like is an undo button for my phone so that text messages can be cancelled!  Have you ever sent a text meant for someone else? 

lil sis