Hubs was so happy to come home on Friday.  He rushed through the door to open a package that had come in the mail that day.  What was it you ask…a keyboard and mouse?  It’s a special one he said.  He hooked it up via bluetooth w/ the PS3, and voila, the next thing I knew Google was on my TV!

This is trouble, big time.  I am such a sucker for surfing the web.  I can be on ebay hours on end.  CNN catching up on the news.  Personal emails which then leads to g-chatting.  Blogging, like I am doing now!  Etsy, of course. Loading up pics of my daughter on Flickr for my in-laws.  List goes on and on. I can just see it now.  I’ll be sitting on the couch, table mate over my lap, glued to the TV!

Just like him –


My hubs got suckered into buying one last year, but it was the best investment.  That thing saved my life when I was pregnant…I propped my feet up and hubs set my dinner plate on that tray everyday.

Anyhow, that’s me.  Instead of dinner, it will be the special keyboard and mouse on the tray…

lil sis