or should the title have been VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS Part Deux. In any case, we are planning our 2nd adventure (with the kids) to Vegas. This time, we will be flying. Yikes! 2 toddlers + hour flight during their nap time = possible trouble. I am bringing bags full of snacks AND toys. I DO NOT want to be the parent of 2 screaming, tantrumming kids. No…I don’t think it will be bad at all. They are looking forward to being on a plane (2nd time flying but no recollection of flying to Hawaii when they were 18 months old) and returning to Vegas. We are all quite excited.

On the agenda? My in-laws are coming along so we have spa treatments lined up, swimming (in 90 degree weather!!!), bowling (they have one in the hotel!), possibly their first movie, lots of eating, playing Bingo (I’ll explain that later), and hopefully a date night with my husband.

So remember me telling you that lil sis and I lived a “sheltered” life? Well, since we didn’t have cable and we were only really allowed to watch TV for short periods of time, I spent ALOT of time working on puzzles, glueing them down on cardboard (c’mon, you know you did this or wanted to do this and then hang it up in your room!), playing boardgames (LIFE was my fav! oh, and Mousetrap!), so on. So imagine my happiness when I discovered that the hotel hosts bingo ALL DAY LONG! I’m talking high-tech Bingo. None of that paper and chips Bingo…those slippery chips that can’t seem to stay in place! I am so excited as I’m sure all the other 60 years olds are too! They have one scheduled at 11 pm so I can sneak down and play for an hour before bed. Oh, the joy! the thrill! I’m a bit timid when it comes to gambling. I can stand around for HOURS watching and watching, pretending I’m playing, but when the time comes, I forget how to count, how much money I have, how much I’ve lost. All b/c of my husband! Back when he was younger, he was a bit of a gambler…NOT in he needs to go to Gamblers Anonymous kind of way…but he scared taught me about the do’s and don’ts of gambling so I just end up getting frazzled. Plus, I’d rather lose my money on clothes or shoes 🙂 Bingo…I can handle.

Lil sis will be holding down the fort. Hope you and Lila don’t get too bored 🙂

See you in a week!

big sis