What do you do with that extra scrap left over?  I’m not talking about the small itty bitty scraps but the in between size scraps.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  They’re too big to cut up to use for a small project because the rest will surely go to waste, and they’re just a little too small for what you’re looking for.

I used my in between sizers to make this ~



I call it the four square drawstring bag.  It’s lined too!

I’m so in love with fabric bags, big or small.  I use one to hold Lila’s diapers, another to hold my toiletries when traveling, a small one for my sunglasses bc I can’t seem to find where the case went, etc.

Yay, my scraps aren’t going to waste!  Now what do I do with those tiny pieces that I just can’t seem to throw away??

lil sis