We’re back and what a great vacation it was! We had a blast and quite honestly, I am a bit sad that our vacation was so short. I know, what the heck do you do in Vegas if #1 you’re not on the strip and #2 you have kids! Well, husband found a great deal at the Red Rock Casino and we managed to book a suite with an adjoining room for his parents. The minute I stepped in, I knew we were going to have loads of fun.


our room


Our mornings were spent here…


(the view from our room)

The weather was PERFECT (in the 90s). We spent alot of time in the arcade, managed to bowl, and the rest of the time we spent EATING! Yikes! So much food and how can you resist those buffets? I, unfortunately, don’t know what moderation means. Yes, I had tummy aches for two nights! It was worth it and I would eat the same amount if not more in a heart beat! Oh, how I love yummy food!

good to be back.

big sis