My husband and I had our date night. Yes, I managed to gamble 🙂 I lost but the important thing is I played! We squeezed in a few spa treatments. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it b/c my tummy was still hurting from all the mayhem at the buffet. BUT the biggest thing I learned while I was in Vegas…I FREAKIN’ LOVE BINGO!!! I dragged my husband along and if you’ve read prior posts about my husband, you’ll get the sense that he is not one to be caught playing bingo. But he did it for me and wouldn’t you know…he ended up getting not 1 but 2 bingos! The nerve!

So here’s the set up b/c I know you all are wondering…

The bingo room is HUGE! I’m talking HUGE. They have electronic versions where all you do is watch your portable screen and wait for a beep (one away from bingo) and the music (you have bingo). They also have a paper version, which I opted for b/c seriously, what fun is it to just sit for an hour and stare at a monitor! No thanks. I need to feel the anxiety, the rush, the fear that I’ve missed a number. I need to be able to ask my husband “what number did they call? do you see the number? did I miss a number? am I close to getting a bingo?” 14 bingo games (single bingo, double bingo, hardway, coverall)  in one hour, no intermission, no bathroom breaks, don’t have time to order a dang cocktail, ALL FUN! It took some time to learn the lingo but after my first session, I was hooked! My husband, who played the electronic version, also had some learning to do and at one point (and b/c he has a bad memory and forgot the instructions) yelled out BINGO when he clearly did not have it. We had a good laugh but I must say, it was quite embarrassing. Of course, the rest of the time, he had to joke about it, wanting to call it out one more time.

dauber(“dauber” used to mark the squares)

I ended up dragging my mother-in-law a separate time to play and got her hooked. and then stayed up until midnight to get one more session in. It was a good thing b/c I finally got a bingo. Excitedly, I yelled it out as loud as I could but a gal in front me also had one. Way to steal my thunder!

I need to do some searching…where else can I play bingo?

big sis