So I have been on the search for the perfect crowns for my twins…to wear during their birthday parties. I came across Mommy Blessings Crown Tutorials Galore post and opted to create Juicy Bits’ crowns. I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to design my twins’ crowns…do I include the number 3 (how old they will be)? initials? logos? And b/c I just got back from vacation and wasn’t feeling overambitious, I kept it simple. My son’s took a lil longer b/c of the batman logo but I managed to complete them in 2 evenings. I definitely agree with Jessica in using a heavyweight interface. Her tuturial is super easy to follow and both my daughter and son were excited to wear their crowns!

crowns-001my daughter requested for green? all of a sudden, her fav color is no longer pink but green???

crowns-003my son also wanted green so it works out perfectly. They can still match but not be so matchy matchy (I am not a mommy of twins who feels the need for everything to match).

So after all that hemming and hawing about the kids’ birthday party…I am having 3 parties for them! I go from one extreme to another. ugh! I have some serious problems. To make my life more complicated…do I make the favors or shall I just buy?

big sis