and that’s just ONE way!

When we decided to start a family, my husband and I always knew where we would end up…where we both grew up! To answer the next q that everyone seems to ask…no, we were not high school sweathearts. However, our friendship began when I was in junior high (aka middle school. Tell me, why did they have to go and change this from “junior” to “middle”?).

Anyways, the unfortunate part of moving back “home” is that he has a hour and a half commute. LA TRAFFIC SUCKS! My poor impatient husband who has tendencies of severe road rage (one side of his horn no longer works from constant use!) makes the terrible drive so that the kids and I can live in the burbs. BUT the one positive thing about him working in LA…when he has to kill time and wait for traffic to die down, the kids, his parents, lil sis, and myself all get to enjoy the wonders of LA.


blog-005gone…(in a matter of one hour)

Yum…Sprinkles cupcakes…at $3.25 a pop, worth it? every penny!

big sis