Spa plans got cancelled for stupid reasons, so I had the afternoon free.  Big sis and I wanted to visit Unique Los Angeles Fair at the California Market Center in Downtown, so the afternoon didn’t turn out to be a complete waste because we made a mad dash thru LA traffic to get there two hours before closing.  (I say waste because I pumped religiously this week so my baby would have enough milk to drink today! )

We were so surprised to see how many vendors there were and the amount of people that were still shopping even till the last hour!  It seemed like a great turn out, and we got to see some of our crafter friends.  I wish we had more time to walk thru every aisle and see every station, but we were on a time constraint.  Not to mention there were over 250 vendors!

Some of the stuff I scored:


baby eggi jumper –  such a great deal!  their clothes are adorable!  thank you cards from – hilarious, one of a kind designs.  misha lulu baby clothes –  each item above was under $9…a steal considering their clothing is pretty pricey.  i love their designs…reminds me of euro baby clothing.

lil sis