…so they like to call themselves.

We celebrated their 3rd birthday (their actual b-day is on Mother’s Day this year) at our mommy and me class, and boy am I glad that I have this party out of the way. We had Chick Fila catered for the kids and parents and I even made mini cupcakes! Thank you so much, Jenn, for your frosting recipe. They were a hit! Definitely check out her recipes. I’ve made a few of her stuff, and they never fail!

1 down, 2 left.



I think I feel need to go above and beyond b/c they’re twins. I know it’s my doing and my feeling, but I never want them to feel “un-special” b/c they share their birthday with their sibling. Plus, I really do feel like they are my miracle babies (which I’m sure all mothers feel as well).

Gotta change gears…party this Sat will be quite big, for me, that is. I’m hoping it will be organized chaos and I will come home in one piece. With 25 adults and 17 kids…God help me now!

big sis