No more festivities until June!

So we celebrated the twins’ 3rd birthday on Sat and decided to cancel their last party (which would have been their 3rd one!) at Goofy’s Kitchen. Yes, I have been dying to go there for the past year. But with 2 birthday parties and mother’s day dinner AND all the presents, we’ve come to the conclusion that we are not made of money! unfortunately 😦

I love it when everything comes together and I can finally put away things and get ready for the next “project”. So what where those darn party favors that I was hemming and hawing about? personalized on-the-go crayon rolls! I committed to the project very last minute but I was able to complete 17 in 3-4 evenings. I give you the time frame so that you know it is definitely doable. You can find the tutorial here. She also provides different versions. I changed the pattern up a bit to accommodate 8 crayons and give it a slightly different look.

crayon rolls 008.jpg rs

each was personalized…

crayon rolls 012.jpg rs

filled by my husband…

crayon rolls 015.jpg rs

rolled up and placed in goodie bags. Phew!

This summer will be busy with craft fairs…or maybe not. If only my lil ones could sew or cut or iron or…

big sis